GHCI 2017 : Big thanks to KDE!

It has been over a week now that I attended Grace Hopper Celebration India 2017 in Bangalore from 16-17 November, yet the excitement still flows in me! I attended GHCI 2017 as a KDE Developer and student attendee. Big thanks to KDE Community for funding me!

The Grace Hopper Celebration India (GHCI) is the largest and most influential event for women pursuing technical careers in computing and technology in the country. The conference was held at Bangalore International Exhibition Centre(BIEC), a premier exhibition center in Bangalore. The place was vibrant and energetic with close to 2000+ attendees.

The conference began early morning around 7:30 with registrations. There was a warm welcome and a presentation session followed by keynote session by Pankajam Sridevi, MD at ANZ Bengaluru. Even on the second day, the event started early and there was a keynote by Dr. Rebecca Parsons, CTO at ThoughtWorks. Both the days, the event continued till evening till 5 pm with many interesting tracks based on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source, Machine Learning and several speed-mentoring sessions.

In the lower hall, “Career Fair” was ongoing event was both the days, attracting more than 1000+ students and professionals. Around 50 top tech companies set up their booth at the event. People seeking internship/job could easily talk to software engineers and recruiting team members. Each booth also had ongoing events and they distributed lots of amazing goodies!

The networking and the lunch/hi-teas were amazing!

I interacted with many other student attendees and company professionals and exchanged information about my experience with KDE community and Google Summer of Code projects for 2 years. I was almost amazed by their interest in knowing about it more. I got this golden opportunity to guide several open source enthusiasts towards applying for GSoC and contributing under KDE.

The conference totally changed my mind about women and tech. In those 2 days, I got a chance to see and interact with a lot of women who have turned stones in their tech career, while balancing their personal life. GHCI has definitely inspired me so much and taught me, “Where there is a will, there is a way!”

A sincere gratitude to KDE Community for funding my entire visit and making it possible for me to be a part of largest tech conference for women in the country! I would also like to thank Anita Borg Institute for this wonderful event. Every girl should attend this event and experience the journey at least once in their lifetime! 🙂




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