Milestone Report 2: GSoC’17 Tasks Implementation


The second coding period is completed and here is the report blog. Hope you’ll find it detailed enough!

Task 3: Create a new schema for similarity features.


This task involved creating a new schema for similarity database.

  • ImageHaarMatrix table (as mentioned in last post) moved from Core DB to Similarity DB.
  • Creating a new ImageSimilarity table. As compared to previous post, ImageSimilarity schema has been updated to accommodate use of various algorithms:

 imageID1(int) | imageID2(int) | algorithm(int) | value(double)

  • “Dbconfig.xml” file updated with a couple of other Similarity DB queries, along with above CREATE TABLE statements.

Task 4: Create a new database access interface inspired of Faces Management database interface.


Extracting  the rules from main DB interface and writing code for a entirely new interface dedicated to fingerprints management, similar to Thumbnails or Faces Management. Code has been written for the following:

  • Similarity DB Access Wrapper
  • Similarity DB Backend
  • Similarity DB Schema Update
  • Similarity DB Interface

These files contain separate SQL queries and rules to create and update similarity DB respectively.

I’ll upload next blog post with the final set of tasks!

Thank you for reading. 

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