Cheat sheet to build digiKam for Newbies

Salut people!

This blog post is for all those yearning to manage photographs like professionals. This is a quick guide to build an advance photo management software digiKam, for all shutterbugs!

Required Installations:

  • Qt Creator, a cross platform C++, JavaScript and QML Integrated Development Internment. Download link and then follow these steps to install. (Using Qt Creator is highly recommended, but other IDE like KDevelop or Eclipse could be used.)

  • Maria DB, a community developed fork of the MySQL Relational Database System. Follow these guidelines step by step to install. Remember: DO NOT put any password for root user. 

Get digiKam from KDE Git/Master Repository

Enter these commands in a new terminal:

  • git clone git://  (Remember if you are in a University with crappy firewalls, use git clone )

  • cd digikam-software-compilation/

  • export GITSLAVE=.gitslave.devel

  • ./download-repos

Read well the README file and install all the dependencies before executing further commands. (Tip: use apt-file search <package_name> to easily install dev packages)

To compile the source code under Linux you have to give these commands in the source code folder. You should use a separate build folder to help cleaning up sources if something goes wrong.

  • ./bootstrap.linux   (All configuration tasks can be performed by bootstrap.linux script.)

Make sure it runs successfully without errors. Check the console to correct errors, if any.

  • cd build

  • make -j8

  • sudo su

  • make install

Open a new terminal and run [digikam], and Voila! You’re all set to use it.



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